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Ask a biosafety officer

How should I properly dispose of a UVB lamp?


I’m having a time figuring out what to do with a UVB lamp. I’d like someone else to benefit from this lamp as I did, but I’m really concerned that it may be some kind of biohazard, either due to the bulb itself or from overexposure to the lamp. Is this something that I can feel good about giving away/selling to someone or is it something that should be disposed of and how should I do that safely?

Answer from a Biosafety Officer:

June 10, 2013

Overexposure to UVB lamps can result in burns so we would not recommend giving away or selling this item.  The bulbs used in these lamps usually contain mercury so the lamp should not be disposed of in the regular trash.  Most communities now have programs to help homeowners properly dispose of electronics.  We would recommend contacting your local municipality, waste disposal company, or landfill to find out the proper method for disposal.